vineri, 25 ianuarie 2013

How do YOU curl your hair?

My hair has always been nearly impossible to curl but recently I finally figured out how to get it to work for me. I did fork over more money than I usually do for two really fantastic products at Sephora. One is the Living Proof Prime Time Style Extender and the other is the only hair spray that has ever held a curl in my hair and doesn’t get crunchy. I’ve tried a lot. That’s really the only one that works so yes, I will spend that much on it.

Moving on. So I wash my hair at night to save time in the morning and that’s when I use Living Proof and I blow dry my hair and whatnot. Then in the mornings I curl my hair vertically rather than horizontally to save a lot of time and much like I would preheat my oven to 350o then turn it to 325o and bake my cupcakes for five more minutes for that lovely puffiness, I curl my hair at a lower temperature and hold it for a few seconds longer. I do curl both sides away from my face, not alternating, it just works better for how I wear my hair. I catch the curl, pin it up, do my makeup, then take the curls down. I randomly grab a few sections from the top to add a bit more body and not have the upper portion of my hair be stick-straight. I don’t pin those up because they’re short enough they last fine on their own. Then I curl my bangs away from my face and style if I want.

The whole process takes five to ten minutes, depending on if I’ve had my first cup of coffee or not.

Pulling hair to tight in a ponytail can put too much tension on the hair which can lead to hair loss at the hairline. Instead of making a tight ponytail to make your edges and hairline look smooth, make a looser ponytail and try using a gel or a litter leave-on conditioner for those areas. Next, put on a scarf to help smooth the hairline. Remove scarf after about 30 to an hour and you will be left with smooth edges and a lovely ponytail!

Simply a dyehart

You can get samples of Prime Time, they always have them, and you can test out the hair spray while in Sephora. They also sell a baby size can of it for $8.

And keep in mind, they do have a great return policy, they’ve always accepted products I ended up not liking.